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Advantages of Opting to Sell Your House to an Investor

Much has been said about how you shouldn’t be dealing with investors when you’re planning to sell your home, but why is it that so many people still do? In the traditional way, you will list your home with the help of a realtor, who then will make sure it’ll be known in the market. Yes, it’s quite true that you will eventually sell your property in the traditional way; but mind you, it’ll take a very long time to do so and in most instances, you can’t even get the right cash based on the selling price considering the expenses you’re compelled to cover.

No thanks to the fact that home sellers are required to cover both the commission of the realtor and the repair costs of the property, more and more people are now realizing that it’s better to deal with investors instead; investors who are willing to pay cash for your property without requiring you to fix it first or deal with you through a real estate agent.

Here’s a bunch of reasons why you must give this option a serious thought:

1. It’s faster this way.

If you’ve done your research, you probably already know by now that listing your home with a realtor just takes a lot of time. The average time in which you finally find a prospective buyer is six months. You even have to wait longer for a prospective buyer to qualify for a mortgage. On the other hand, selling your home to an investor is just the better route to take if you want it fast because they won’t require you to wait for a very long time to list your home or wait for them to get approved for a loan.

2 – You don’t have to put money in selling your home.

It is a little bit ironic learning the fact that as a seller, you still are compelled to spend money intended to cover repair costs of your home because no one’s buying it if it’s not in tiptop condition. But sell it to an investor and you won’t be required to fix anything since the very concept is to buy a home in its current condition.

3 – Say goodbye to commission fees.

When you decide to sell your home the traditional way, you most likely will hire a realtor to do the job for you. Because of this, it is your responsibility to pay for that agent’s commission fees, which represents what’s due for his or her efforts. For the most part, commission fees are 6% of the selling price of your home. Simply put, you’re not getting all the money based on the selling price. This is in stark contrast to a direct negotiation with a cash buyer because once you agree on the price, you’ll be getting it in full since there are no realtors involved.

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