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Advantages Of Having A Multi-Factor Authentication In A Healthcare Firm Cyber attack has become a major challenge to many health organizations. major attacks have hit largest companies in the world which cost them millions of money. Companies should adopt good ways and methods of protecting their valuable data. Most of us are familiar with the password and username combination as the only security protocol. A a simple password is good, but it is very vulnerable to attack. It is easy to hack into an account that is secured using a combination of just a password and a username. A a sophisticated method of multi-factor authentication is needed for keeping our data safe. In any healthcare firm, a simple password or username won’t be enough in preventing cyber attacks. Some of the employees may access password from their colleagues, and other workers may save their passwords in the system for easy log ins. This is very dangerous as it expose the company to the potential threat of being hacked. In order to keep your firm safe, it is important to use a multi-factor method as it has very many benefits to the company. Multi-factor authentication prevents cyber attack by limiting access to your network. Hackers are advancing in their ways of stealing passwords where they make simple passwords very vulnerable. they can create a fake company page where users are tricked into entering their login information. A third layer protection makes it hard for hackers to access your account.
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A healthcare organization would enjoy safety of their sensitive data for a long period when they use this sophisticated method of authentication. This authentication method would ensure that only the allowed people would have access to the organization accounts hence the safety of sensitive data. this layers are very effective in protection of organization data.
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The data management is made easier, and also one can access the data safely. A potential danger may arise when individuals leave a health organization as their sensitive data is not revoked in a timely manner. The system deletes the data of the sacked employee immediately they leave the company. Employees who download malware could have their data compromised. Authentication through fingerprint scanning could prevent this malware from accessing any sensitive data. Cyber attack on this health organizations are expensive when they happen in any organization. While most cyber-attacks may not be sophisticated, but it is essential for health firms to add additional methods of protection to their data bank through adding multi-factor security. This protection will save the firm a lot of money that may result from cyber attacks. A simple text message can be useful in notifying an individual in case of attacks. One can know if they are being hacked after they receive an emailing confirmation code regarding their accounts.

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